Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2003

Specially Commended

Dead Lynx
The World in Our Hands

No bones about it: this is a contrieved image. Having heard that a lynx in a
Swedish game park had to be put down, the photographer seized the
opportunity to recreate a scene which needs to be made public - that of a
poacher carrying a dead lynx from a forest. This happens all too often in
Sweden's forests, unseen by environmentally sensitive photographers. Less
than 1.500 lynx survive in the wild in Sweden today, yet illigal killing
reduces their numbers further still. By concentrating the frame from a low
angle on the lynx, making the man a sinister, faceless presence and
vignetting the border with the frozen forest, Magnus has produced an
extremely powerful statement.

Nikon N5, with 17-35 mm wide-angle zoom lens; 1/25 sec at f5,6; Fujichrome
Astia 100; fill-in flash.