Eco-Touring: The Ultimate Guide

Eco-Touring: The Ultimate Guide takes both the fledgling and the seasoned eco-tourist around the world for the most exciting, exotic and immediate experience of wildlife in all its natural magnificence.
From the Arctic to Antarctica over every ocean and across the five continents, the book takes you on a global adventure, complete with stunning full-color photographs, to the most impressive natural habitats in the world. Thirty-two unique wildlife regions are surveyed in detail, and another 130 locations are briefly described, as well as the world's best places for coral-reef snorkeling and whale-watching. Each survey includes maps, information on the species to be found and a guide to available accomodation.

Eco-tourism has preserved a world of wildlife species and ecosystems that would otherwise have been rendered extinct by hunters, or destroyed by logging and other forms of human intervention.
The guide urges you to follow the authors´ creed: leave nothing but footprints, take noting but photos.

Eco-Touring: The Ultimate Guide was selected by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Sweden as its Panda Book-of–the–Year for 1994 and in Norway 1994.

Authors: Magnus Elander and Staffan Widstrand
Publisher: Key Porter Books 1997
ISBN: 1-55013-894-4
Also published in Swedish as Safari.
In Norwegian, Finnish, German, Dutch, French and in Italian.